EARLIER from the AP: . Pruce was scheduled to testify against Bruce in a Peeping Tom case that day. The Pueblo case followed a similar pattern. Howard bruce net worth is $10 million. So, I gave up my job and we all moved to San Luis Obispo. He seemed to be the perfect husband and father on the surface, but there was a dark side to him that his wife never knew about. just like poor OJ. One of them regained her consciousness and realized that she was in handcuffs with a pillowcase over her head with the assailant on top of her. There was a time when they wanted to assign everyone a 9 digit number. February 2021 July 2021 The next year in Oklahoma, Robert pleaded guilty to 18 charges that included first-degree rape, sodomy, first-degree burglary. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Department in Colorado arrested 47-year-old Robert Howard Bruce of Pueblo on Oct. 6 after an officer found a 30-pound propane tank rigged to pump the explosive gas into his home. Yet, as he did after every argument, Howard came through and managed to woo her and reconcile. Robert Bruce, 49, was convicted of trying to blow up the home of a Pueblo, Colo. police officer and sentenced to 64 years in prison, on Friday, according to CBSDenver. November 6, 2012 / 1:06 PM October 2017 Roger you write,just like poor OJ. I guess you! We were, in essence, abandoned, and it set in our daughters mind for years what she was worth in the eyes of officialdom. His Award Winning books include "Murder Book" (2017) "The I-94 Murders" (2018) "Last Call" (2019) and "Lying Close" (September 2020). Typically, a "peeping Tom" incident results in nothing more than a fine, but Pruce had a concerning feeling about Bruce so he . The Pueblo County Sheriff's Department in Colorado arrested 47-year-old Robert Howard Bruce of Pueblo on Oct. 6 after an officer found a 30-pound propane tank rigged to pump the explosive gas into . It takes away from what you could contribute, I think you are better then that, you are just hurting inside! He was found guilty of the Peeping Tom case mentioned above in July 2010 and was convicted of attempted murder a year later. She subsequently also learned that her husband was suspected of attempting to kill a police officer who was planning to testify against him in a Peeping Tom case. The victims were either in medical school or employed in the medical field, Albuquerque police spokesman John Walsh said. I feel like I was Howards ultimate victim: He chose me because I was naiveMost of the crimes hes charged with happened before we metor after our marriage started imploding. In reading his legacy and the trail that police could not close in on, so much evidence had been gathering on this man. I feel guilty that his rage at me might have been directed at other women.. Tom Easley said. 1. January 2022 His next co Robert Bruce lives in Pueblo, CO; previous city include Rio Rancho NM. The peeping tom case that led Bruce to attempt to kill police officer Pruce played a large part in the process of connecting Bruce to the notorious Ether Man rapes in New Mexico and Texas. Bruce, who has been jailed since Oct. 6 on a failure-to-appear warrant, allegedly attempted to kill a Pueblo police officer that day who was to testify against him in a peeping Tom case. But I wonder, if it had not been that he tried to blow up a house of a policeman, would the authorities have been willing to go to all the lengths they are going to now to get this man behind bars? Their union started to seem normal as the years passed, but Joy still had her suspicions, especially as she often blacked out at the end of the night whenever they went out for dinner and drinks. Robert Howard Bruce, 50, who was serving 64 years in prison in Colorado for attempting to blow up the home of a Pueblo police officer, pleaded guilty to nine counts of rape and no contest to . Of course it could, one day, I believe law enforcement will collect everyones dna the day they are born. October 2019 The second best result is Robert E Bruce age 60s in Denver, CO in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. Alleged 'Ether Man' Rapist Sentenced To 64 Years. She knew that the idea was a little insane, but the timeline of the crimes fit his movements. "I wanted to keep . Because of this act, Bruce had his DNA taken and entered into the national criminal data bank. appear under different names in public records. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Three weeks later, we were packed and moved from Albuquerque. The Ether Man rapist got his name because he incapacitated his victims by putting a chemically soaked rag over their mouths and noses. August 2022 Keep government out of our personal lives. Apart from the 177 years he was handed down here, he was given an additional 200 combined years in New Mexico and Colorado. However, from her social media profiles, it doesnt look like shes found a long-term partner again since her marriage with Howard came to an end. Detective Rich Lewis of the Albuquerque Police Departments cold case unit connected the peeping Tom case in Pueblo with the Ether Man rape cases in New Mexico. And, as she did, she smelled a chemical and felt a hand over her mouth. Robert "Howard" Bruce was "The Ether Man." . June 2022 A native of the . Howard Bruce Weiler, 73, of Pueblo, Colorado passed away on September 7, 2021. All rights reserved. 2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Web age, biography and wiki. But this man had had run-ins with the law before; even a case of domestic violence where he threatened his former wife with a rifle. By all means, they led the All-American life and seemed to be happy and content. Thank you for your feedback. Going outside with the police I found that the red rag used to cover my daughters face was a Tibetan prayer flag that had been hanging on the side of the house. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A Colorado inmate suspected of being the "Ether Man" serial rapist has been sentenced to 156 years in prison on rape charges in New Mexico. and Dorothy Weiler Braddock. And, how long will he stay behind bars before he is given parole? In true ID fashion, apart from the personal interviews, dramatic recreations are also incorporated to help us understand the terrifying reality of what transpired. Last week, a serial rapist, Robert Howard Bruce, was arrested in Pueblo, Colorado. 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September 2018 As a social worker and social activist, I have seen too often how violence against women, especially in domestic violence cases, does not really carry much weight in the legal system. 2023 www.oklahoman.com. Worse still is the discovery that even in places where rape kits are administered to women who show up in hospitals, these kits are infrequently picked up by the authorities for investigations. April 2023 Just because he craves attention and the media likes murder and sex crimes, do we really have to satisfy his itch or ours? April 2017 Robert Howard Bruce was sentenced to 177 years in prison. And then, many of us are wondering, how will it all go down in the courts? Leaping out of bed, I saw my terrified daughter running towards me in her white nightgown, stained with red dye, reeking of ether. March 2019 Includes Address(13 . In 2007, the two seemingly unconnected worlds of Robert Howard Bruce and the string of assaults would come together. Part of HuffPost News. Obituary. 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. He pleaded no contest to a sexual battery charge. KRDO reports that Bruce was found guilty in August on two counts of attempted murder, one for the officer and one for the officer's wife, who was home at the time of the incident. April 2022 She felt drunk and yet, she knew that she had neither had a drink nor any drug that night. That term is running concurrently with the other. April 2019 One woman awoke to find herself in handcuffs. UPDATE: "Ether Man" Guilty Of Attempted Murder. Your complete guide to Denver-area farmers markets in 2023, Celebration of life for Alexa Bartell, killed by rock thrown through windshield, draws hundreds to Arvada church, Colorado to allow DACA recipients to work as armed police officers, With Andrew Cogliano out for rest of Stanley Cup Playoffs, Kraken's Jordan Eberle discusses hit that fractured Cogliano's neck, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. July 2022 Robert Howard Bruce, at the time, worked in computer sales and would travel the country as part of his business. robert howard bruce pueblo, colorado. Select this result to view Robert E Bruce's phone number, address, and more. June 2017 Bruce pleaded guilty to 18 charges Tuesday and no contest to a 19th sexual battery charge. A match with evidence taken from the Norman crime scenes propelled Parks into action. After his arrest, his DNA was collected, and the police realized that his profile matched the DNA evidence on file for the sexual assaults. He traveled to Pueblo, Colo., where he spent hours interviewing Bruce, finally gaining confessions that resulted in 19 charges being filed against him. On this particular night, she arrived home from work at about 1 a.m., exhausted, and went straight off to sleep. Last Week, A Serial Rapist, Robert Howard Bruce, Was Arrested In Pueblo, Colorado. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A Colorado inmate suspected of being the "Ether Man" serial rapist has been sentenced to 156 years in prison on rape charges in New Mexico. August 2020 August 2018 I did not realize a book had been written about him. And now, if youre curious to know where they are today, weve got you covered. May 2019 What made matters worse was that we learned from a neighbor that there was already neighborhood awareness of a stalker who used ether to attack and rape women in the UNM area. Head Office Address. Pueblo, Colo. authorities say Bruce was arrested in Colorado and is suspected of raping 11 . Thus, he is currently behind bars in federal prison, where he is expected to remain for the rest of his natural life. Investigators have used DNA evidence to link a man accused of trying to kill a Pueblo police officer and his family last month to the series of Ether Man rapes spanning two decades in New Mexico and Texas. The Pueblo Chieftain reports Bruce will be sentenced Sept. 23. We're 100% free for everything!' FamilyTree Now.com FamilyTree Now. We did so because after graduation, which happened the week after this event, our daughter had made plans to be with a boyfriend who lived in California. As a social worker, I could tell that she was experiencing PTSD and that eventually she would fall apart and we would need to be close by. The women in Norman declined to talk about the assaults, and Bruce tried to shield his face from photographers as he was led from the courtroom following his sentencing. and Anita Z. Weiler and uncle to their surviving children; Bonita, Stefanie . March 2017 The Pueblo Chieftain reports Bruce will be sentenced Sept. 23. October 2020 By 2012, the victims had given up hope of their cases being solved, Easley said, but that's when police got a major break. September 2020 Despite their 12-year age difference, Howard proposed nine months after they met, but they only married in the fall of 2003. I feel sorry for the pain you had to go through and agree we need to get people like him locked up. That didnt seem to deter him, though, because he was a successful businessman. Bruce was arrested after Pueblo police officer Nathan Pruce found a propane tank leaking gas into the garage of his home. December 2018 There wasnt enough money to investigate an attack without a violent crime attached to it. I think that he should be put away and ignored, or better still, given some kind of community service that he would need to do for the rest of his life without ant media attention. Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado were also places he had hit. Please grow up soon and if your under age, just have fun I guess! EARLIER from the AP:ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Authorities say a man arrested in Colorado is suspected of raping 11 women in New Mexico and Texas over 15 years, and recently trying to kill a police officer. Jim Parks, in particular, wanted to be there for the conclusion of it. All of the New Mexico Ether Man attacks occurred near the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Too much power engenders mankind, even those with good intentions. She opened her mouth more fully and then bit down on the hand. In addition, he pleaded guilty to nine charges of rape in New Mexico in 2012, leading to a 156-year sentence. He is a male registered to vote in Pueblo County, Colorado. All Rights Reserved. Police say Bruce was tied to the Albuquerque rapes after his DNA matched one of the cases, and investigators are trying to determine if he's tied to crimes from 1991 to 2000 in Albuquerque and a 2006 rape in Austin, Texas. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. The left picture is Robert Bruce as pictured on his driver's license from New Mexico and on the right is the booking picture from the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. April 2020 December 2020 Robert Howard Bruce was . The fear she had of going out at night by herself or sleeping alone in a room or house have passed. Send pics, videos and tips to CCN. Bruce was arrested just hours after a Pueblo police officer, his wife and child were the targets of an apparent murder attempt. August 2019 Police had also noticed that the attacker would mostly break or remove the bulbs on the front porch and then enter the homes of his victims. By November 2004, he had been living in Pueblo, Colorado, with his second wife, Joy Lynn, and her kids. Right now Robert is a Principal at George R Charlie. And our wives and daughters remain more at risk as a result. He was sentenced to 156 years in that state last year stemming from similar break-ins and assaults on at least nine women. It was not until 2007 that the police started to have an idea of who the person was. Albuquerque police suspect Bruce, whom they term "Ether Man," to be a serial rapist who would stalk his victims and overcome them with a chemically soaked rag. Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor said his investigators have been in contact with authorities in Fort Collins, Colo., and Lawrence about Robert Howard Bruce, 47, of Pueblo. Bruce rigged a propane tank to the officers garage, filling the officers garage with combustible fumes. Altogether, Bruce confessed to raping eight women, also committing other sexual crimes against them, and breaking into six other residences with the intent to rape the women who lived there. Investigation Discoverys Married With Secrets: Fear the Ether Man brings to the viewers the case of Robert Howard Bruce, a serial rapist. It will surely end up being abused. [Bruce] is nothing on this earth. Police said Bruce would stalk his victims, break into their homes and overcome them with a chemically soaked rag before raping them. May 2018 DENVER -- Authorities say a man arrested in Colorado is suspected of raping 11 women in New Mexico and Texas over a 15-year. The victims would usually be unconscious when they were attacked but sometimes wake up during the attack. June 2021 But, as she told us later, as she was dropping off to sleep, she felt that something was wrong. Detective Jim Parks spent hours at a Colorado prison interviewing Robert Howard Bruce about multiple sexual assaults on women in Norman over a period from 1985 through 2006. All rights reserved. He has also been linked to rapes in Oklahoma. November 2018 Joy Lynn Martinez first met Robert Howard Bruce, known as Howard, in a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2001. Bruce received 48 years for the first count, 16 years for the second count and 5 additional years for possession of an explosive/incendiary device. As per police records, Robert Howard Bruce used chemical-soaked rags to disable his female victims and commit sex crimes in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico. Which brings me back to the case against Robert Howard Bruce. I am one of his victims that note he left on the wall ,I could have raped you again , was for me. During their investigation of the attempted murder, Pueblo investigators developed a profile suggesting that Bruce may have been involved in criminal activity between 1991 and 2000, when he lived in Albuquerque. Robert's relationship status is married. Sometimes Robert goes by various nicknames including Robert H Bruce, Robert Howard Bruce, Howard Bruce and Bruce Robert. October 2021 Pruce was scheduled to testify in that case the day he found a propane tank rigged to the garage of his Pueblo West home. He has been a professor of. Then, in September 2009, she saw a local headline about a serial rapist dubbed Ether Man that turned her world upside down. What the hell is America becoming? Today that number is attached to every aspect of our lives, income, jobs, bank accounts, medical insurance, credit (including near every purchase that we make) and the list goes on. Furthermore, Robert was under investigation for sexual assaults in Texas as well. For him to say that he put us out as to reduce our trauma, he traumatized me for years He would call me out of the blue and tell me what I was wearing or where I had been the last few days, weeks or months. Robert Bruce, the suspected serial rapist known as "Ether Man," was found guilty of attempted first-degree and second-degree murder Friday for attempting to blow up the home of Pueblo police officer Nathan Pruce. He is a male registered to vote in Pueblo County, Colorado. Thirteen years later, our daughter is doing fine. The method was also used in an Austin, Texas, rape that occurred when Bruce lived there, between 2000 and 2006. It turns out, Bruce had been a student at the University of the Oklahoma in the early 1980s but had moved away. It isnt uncommon for it to take a long period of time for such criminals to finally meet their doom by slipping up in some way. April 2021 June 2020 Often their porch lights were broken or bulbs unscrewed. Almost everyone who is caught with DNA evidence likes to say they were framed that there were serious problems with the methods of collection,et cetera. Robert Howard Bruce, 47, made his first appearance in court on new charges linked to a 2006 rape in Pueblo. June 2018 Devin Booker sulked. Starting in 1985, multiple sexual assaults took place in Norman, Oklahoma, that had the local women fearing for their safety. In July 2007, Pruce arrested Bruce for allegedly spying on a woman in Belmont. They said that as she was not successfully raped or murdered, that they would not pursue the case. Robert Howard Bruce poses with his ex-wife Joy Lynn Martinez. Web robert howard bruce pueblo, coloradoaiken county sc register of deeds robert howard bruce pueblo, colorado Web robert howard was a suspect in the murder of the county tyrone teenager arlene arkinson but was found not guilty after a trial in 2005. Resides in Columbia, SC. In a different incident, the victim was bound with rope and duct tape, and the unknown attacker threatened to cut her if she didnt comply. Last week, a serial rapist, Robert Howard Bruce, was arrested in Pueblo, Colorado. Today our identities are stolen and our lives put on hold for years over that number. Their initial long-distance relationship never bothered Joy, but a year into their marriage, she realized that she didnt know her husband because he was increasingly becoming controllingand cheap. She has stated that he not only made insulting remarks about the way other women dressed, but he also refused to let her buy makeup or pursue her dream career. What had appeared at first to be a case of a local Peeping Tom going a step too far by trying to bomb a local policemans house because he did not want the policeman to testify against him, has turned into a national, if not international affair. Cheses sympathy for you sincerely! A suspected serial rapist was in Pueblo District Court on Monday. None known. Bruce was the brother of the deceased Robert R. Weiler, M.D. Office Pruce caught a man (later identified as Robert Bruce) peeping into people's houses. Many of the victims were young, college-age, single and lived alone. But, I wish I could say that it was just their slip up that contributed to their demise. Quite often, people use short versions of their name (i.e. Hopefully, they all can get on with their lives now, police Capt. Investigation Discoverys Evil Lives Here is a series wherein people share their stories of having shared a home and a life with someone who turned out to be a heinous criminal underneath their ordinary faade. October 2018 Robert Howard Bruce was sentenced Tuesday in an Albuquerque court after pleading guilty to nine charges of rape. Bruce is serving a 64-year sentence for attempting to blow up a police officer's home. Frank F. Weber is a forensic psychologist specializing in homicide and sexual and physical assault cases. While there was DNA evidence, it didnt match anyone in the system. / CBS Colorado. They will end up eventually doing dna profiles based on what an individual is genetically predisposed to and that would include creating suspects that might commit specific types of crimes ( such as frontal lobe inadequacies etc.) In addition to his 64-year Colorado prison term, Bruce is serving a 24-year sentence in Colorado for another rape he committed in Pueblo. Whomever it was, fought to get his hand out of her mouth. Bruce is suspected in 11 cases - rapes and stalking - in Albuquerque, N.M., and one rape in Austin, Texas. Why should only felons be so privileged, I will gladly give them mine. February 2022 After Robert Howard Bruce was arrested and his submitted DNA came out to be a match with the Ether Man, Joy Martinez filed for divorce. The women sat with him in the courtroom as serial rapist Robert Howard Bruce, 51, pleaded guilty and/or no contest to 19 felony counts that included first . Robert Howard Bruce, 50, who was serving 64 years in prison in Colorado for attempting to blow up the home of a Pueblo police officer, pleaded guilty to nine counts of rape and no contest to another charge, according to KOAT, the ABC TV affiliate in Albuquerque. After his arrest in Colorado, Bruce also was linked to sexual assaults on women in Albuquerque, N.M. He then tried to kill the police officer who was to testify in the case by attempting to blow his house up. There is a chance that the phone number (719) 948-3625 is shared by Robert Bruce Bowers, Daniel S . Robert Howard Bruce: Howard R Bruce: Rosemarie N Bruce: Rosa N Bruce: Bruce N Rosemarie: Current & Past Addresses. We wonder. It didnt matter. Robert H. Bruce, 47, was arrested by New Mexico authorities Monday in Pueblo and is being held on a $3 million bail. Rap is a despicable crime and if it can be prevented or even countered a little, by the suits having all records of dna I say so be it!
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