He was born in Illinois and he attended Kingsley Elementary, Lincoln Jr High, before graduating from Naperville High School in 2012. Karen and Michael Laspisa retired early before moving their son to California from suburban Illinois. It was apparent that Bryce must have driven non-stop throughout the night to get there. She then told him to grab some gas and make his way home. His family keeps putting up missing persons notices, hoping to discover the truth someday. Through courses in industrial and graphic design, he was able to develop an extensive portfolio to showcase his work. If alive, he would be 24 years old. Photo Source. According to his friends, Bryces behaviour had become more reckless upon him returning to school, with him drinking a lot of hard liquor and taking the aforementioned ADHD drugs. A camera which was located on Lake Hughes Road near Lake Castaic caught Bryces 2003 Toyota Highlander going up the road at 2.15am, only minutes after he last spoke with Karen. Just a couple of days into his sophomore year, friends started to become concerned about his unusual behavior. The officers found Bryce and searched his vehicle which was now located on Lagoon Drive in Buttonwillow. The identify of the remains is still not known. She also theorized that he could have suffered a psychotic break as a result of his drug use, resulting in his erratic behaviour. While police dont know why he was in the area, they feel he had been contemplating something. They feel knowing what he had wanted to talk to his mother about could be the key to figuring out the case. Law enforcement arrived at Karen and Michaels home in Laguna Niguel around 8am to inform them of the crash. The end result is that he had streptococcus, it attacked his brain. She attended Campbell Hall Schoo Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan Engagement And Relationship Details. No witnesses reported seeing Bryce in the Santa Clarita Valley around the time of the accident. Bryce left Kims apartment around 11.30pm, with everyone believing he was going back to his apartment to get some sleep. Could he have been waiting for a drug dealer who never showed up? Some investigators believe that he made a failed suicide attempt before setting off to start a new life in disguise. 5 Wide Receivers To Look Out For This 2022 CFB Season, Karlie Guse: The Mystery of Her Disappearance (Resolved? His parents resided in Laguna Niguel, California, not too far from the site, as his family happily awaited their son's routine from college. A series of unexpected events occurred in the lead up to his disappearance, including a sudden relationship breakup, some cryptic messages to his parents and erratic behavior witnessed by his friends. He was an ex-pupil of Naperville Central High School when his newly retired parents decided to move the family to California. He had partaken in some underage drinking at gatherings, and his parents learned he probably smoked marijuana. He divided part of the summer taking an English class at a local college; this gave him a jump start on gaining the credits he would require to get his degree. Karen and Mike had access to Bryces call and text records, even before his disappearance and now have access to his Facebook and email accounts. Soon after arriving, Laspisa moved north to Chico, just 90 miles past Sacramento. Camera footage revealed that only a few minutes after telling his parents he was taking a rest, he drove up a hill towards the Castaic Lake Recreation Area. Combined with his odd behavior before the crash, some showed Bryces mental health might have been compromised. When she asked Bryce what he was doing, he didnt have an answer. Rachel Shoaf - Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki! The roadside assistance driver followed Bryce onto the Interstate to make sure that he was on the road and that he was headed in the right direction. The Mysterious Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa A young man started behaving strangely and then disappeared over 350 miles from his home. Bryces parents are said to have been controlling its thought that they chose the college he would attend, with little or no input from Bryce. Eventually, his concerned girlfriend asked him about his habits which ultimately resulted in a breakup. On September 4, 2013, a jogger called 911 to report a brush fire, just three miles from where the car was crashed. At 2 a.m. on August 30, Bryce Laspisa called his mother one last time to tell her that he was too tired to drive anymore and would pull off the road to sleep. Then, at 11 a.m., she and her husband were notified that Laspisa had used their insurances roadside assistance service. Could the remains found be Bryce? In November 2018, an internet hoax circulated with photos of Bryce In 2018 the family statement said Today marks the fifth anniversary of our son, Bryce, going missing. Little known to them, he would never come back home as even law and authorities are puzzled about his whereabouts. As the only child of Michael and Karen Laspisa, the family was absolutely closely-knit. He planned a trip home to visit his parents and what should have been a 7 hour journey turns into 30-hours of mystery that leave police and Bryce's family baffled when on . It had been crashed and was found on its side at the bottom of a 25 embankment, adjacent to the lakes main boat access road. His behaviour is not normal ! Before disappearing, Laspisa inexplicably broke up with Sly. From there, things went downhill for the couple. Bryces belongings were found in the car, including his laptop, cell phone and wallet. Bryce Laspisa's uncle posted to Facebook that a police officer in Port Orford, Ore., spotted Byrce but didn't realize he was a missing person. However, despite their efforts, no viable leads surfaced. The body was too badly damaged to determine if it was a man or a woman. Sean Dixon, Bryces roommate has also said that Bryce had been drinking hard liquor and taking Vyvanse, an ADHD medication. They tried to tell themselves that Bryce was probably stuck in traffic somewhere, but as the hours ticked by and there was still no word from him, they knew they were not dealing with a simple traffic jam. Later in the morning, his parents received a message from their auto insurance provider, who informed them that Bryces car needed roadside assistance. That pill is thought to have been ADHD medication that was not prescribed to Bryce. Ill never give up hope, but its really difficult, his mother told reporters. His roommate Sean recalled that things took a drastic turn when he became more withdrawn and erratic and even admitted to taking Vyvanse, a drug for ADHD. At the end of the school year, he went back to his parents home in Laguna Niguel, which was around 465 miles south of his college. Email : [emailprotected]. Bryces history with booze and drugs was somewhat typical for any teenager starting to have a bit of adventure. Between the time he left Buttonwillow and 5am, according to CCTV, Bryce made three separate trips to the location where his car would eventually be found wrecked. None of them have been accurate and their His data has been registered into the national missing person database, and his fingerprints, dental records, and DNA are all on record. It was the breaking point as he refused to take flight time and decided to drive him to ponder about his life. Bryce Laspisa was the only offspring ofMichael and Karen Laspisa, and he had been born and grown in Illinois. Santa Clarita "sighting" update: There have been no further reports of this young man. Link to news article regarding the discovery of the body. He called Karen back to let her know that Bryce was finally on Interstate 5 and heading south in the direction of Laguna Niguel. Fort Valley State University student Missing Where is Anitra Gunn? Learn how your comment data is processed. Given his physical conditioning, he absolutely had the ability to leave the scene., Multiple blood hounds tracked Bryces scent to a truck stop on Castaic Road where it stopped. The car had landed on its side and it appears that the back window was pushed out from the inside and investigators assumed Bryce was not hurt by the accident and pushed . Karen was released to hear her sons voice but was worried about the circumstances in general. Florida man used coronavirus quarantine rules to cover up his wife's murder, police say - ABC News . His roommate was especially concerned and called Karen to fill her in on what was happening. While his parents dont understand why their son would do this, authorities feel it could indicate Bryce was experiencing a crisis, prompted by his heavy drinking and drug use, as either could have had unpredictable side effects, leading to him either wanting to die by suicide or run away. The back window of the car had been removed which indicated that someone had left the car through that point. It's a baffling case, due to Bryce's strange behavior the day of his disappearance, and the fact that he seemingly vanished into thin air after crashing his SUV. Police officers had arrived at Lake Castaic to conduct a training exercise and that is when they came across Bryces wrecked vehicle. Bryce Laspisa. After graduating from Naperville Central High School outside of Chicago in 2012, he moved with his parents to California. Worried, Karen called her sons roommate, who informed her that Bryce hadnt returned home the night before. Christian approached to tell him that his parents were worried, and called them to let them know their sons location. I was able to verify his identity and it's not Bryce. eyes. decided to move the family to California. According to the evidence investigators have, there are no indications he met with foul played or died by suicide. Seventy-three children with slow recovery after obstetric lesion of the brachial plexus (biceps function returning after 3 months of age) and with relatively favourable neurophysiological investigation were followed until a mean age of 4.3 years. Bryces mother received a phone call from him at 1am on this date but she missed the call. They were shocked to learn from Bryces roommate that he had never returned home the night before. We will provide updates once they come to hand. 1)The initial theory held by those investigating Bryces disappearance, and one some still hold to be true, is that he died by suicide. Given the scene, investigators believed Bryces actions were deliberate, which led them to theorize that he had been suicidal at the time of the accident. Around 11:00 pm that night, Bryce called his mother from Kims apartment in Chico. With a career spanning more than five decades, Cariou is a veteran of theater and television and a Tony Award winner. Surprisingly, there was no trace of a driver as he simply vanished into thin air. Bryces license, SSN, fingerprints and passport have been uploaded to a nationwide missing persons system. A psychic sent in the following tip which Karen posted on the family Facebook page for Bryce The only thing I am seeing is that (Bryce) is either in or around the lake. His unstable behavior leading up to his disappearance including breaking up with his girlfriend and giving away his prized possessions lead people to question if he perhaps had a psychotic break due to either his use of illegal substances or the onset of a mental illness. He hadnt been behaving like himself since he came back to Rocklin two weeks before, and his attitude was developing increasingly unstable. He was about to begin his freshman year studying graphic and industrial design at Sierra College. Disturbed that Bryce may have been in a car accident, they called the police and reported him missing. Possible Sighting of Bryce Laspisa. A couple of hours after receiving a call from her sons roommate, Karen got one from Bryce himself. They believe that, if he had taken his own life, they would have found him at the lake. At 1.50am, Bryce contacted Karen to tell her that he had detoured off the I-5 but was back on the I-5. Karens last ever contact with Bryce was at 2.08am. You saved my soul. That same day, hed given Sean his Xbox and gave away a pair of diamond earrings given to him by his mother. Cameron gained fame as the eponymous Georgia Toffolo and Oonagh Toffolo are not related to each other. It's so clear to me that he was experiencing that pre-suicide paralyzation where you're frozen in place, waiting for a sign that someone loves you. TwitterIn the early morning hours of August 30, 2013, Bryce Laspisa was seen by security cameras driving up a mountain road toward a recreation area in Castaic Lake, California twice in a row then he was never seen again. The kid is likely dead, give your liberal BS a rest. Due to his unusual behavior, his parents quickly got the police involved when he did not reach Rocklin. The place where the body was found is about twenty miles from where Bryce Laspisa went missing in August 2013 while he was driving home from college. Growing up in Illinois, he attended Naperville Central High School, from which he graduated in 2012. Laspisa agreed to make the three-hour drive home, and Christian watched as he drove off around 3 p.m. Karen offered to fly out to Bryce the next day to help him but he told her to not make airline reservations because I have a lot to talk to you about. During this time, Karen asks Kim to return his keys. Bryce had recently told his mother to not fly to see him in Chico and he specifically told his mother on August 30 to not come to pick him up. When he arrived where Bryce was last seen, he found him still there and offered to follow him until he made it onto the freeway. Bryce told her he preferred to leave, and demanded his keys back. When 3:30pm rolled around and Bryce still hadnt arrived in Laguna Niguel, Karen began to reach out to him, but received no response. The chilling disappearance of Bryce Laspisa has become one of the most discussed conspiracy theories on the internet, with many channels giving their take bout his current whereabouts. Bryces family doesnt give credence to this theory, saying their son would never run away. Whatever the truth, his disappearance was a tragedy for those close to him. Is there a serial killer in Austin, Texas? The exact time of the car wreck is not known but it is estimated to have occurred between 430am and 515am. He was described as being incredibly funny and, according to his friends, he was a happy guy who would often invite them to hang out at his house. All we can ask is that people keep him in their thoughts and perform an act of kindness on his behalf today. Printable cards for anyone participating in the random acts of kindness initiative can be found on the familys Facebook page for Bryce. He left Kims apartment at 11:30 p.m. Wikimedia CommonsCastaic Lake, where Laspisas car was later discovered. The officers reported that he seemed lucid and friendly, and showed no signs of intoxication, nor were any drugs or alcohol found in his vehicle. A series of unexpected events occurred in the lead up to his disappearance, including a sudden relationship breakup, some cryptic messages to his parents and erratic behavior witnessed by his friends. Bryce seemed shocked to see Christian as well, even more so when Christian handed him his cell phone and told him his mother wanted to talk to him. and information stating that he had been found. She asked him what he was doing and he told It's a baffling case, due to Bryce's strange behavior the day of . 2023 - Phootoscelebrities All Rights Reserved. 2019 Dec;2(6):341-342. doi: 10.1089/crispr.2019.29075.rba. In the years since his disappearance, no further clues have emerged. Are there any others who went missing in the area whose bones these might be? Laspisas car had been found abandoned near Castaic Lake. When they told him their son was driving it, he informed them that, at 5:30am that morning, the vehicle had been found abandoned in Castaic Lake, off an access road to the State Recreation Area, just two hours north. Once they did, it didnt take long to find him. The place where the body was found is about twenty miles from where Bryce Laspisa went missing in August 2013 while he was driving home from college. A few hours later, with Bryce still not home, Karen called the man at the repair shop, who once again offered to check on her son. What should have been a three-hour afternoon drive turned into half a day of waiting. Its been reported that Bryce had been drinking heavily for a while, and would often consume a bottle of hard booze each weekend. Bryce is a white male with red/orange hair and blue I was able to verify his identity and it's not Bryce. It seemed as if it was done on purpose and that Bryce had held the accelerator down the entire time. Because of odd behavior and lack of sleep, you cant just search a grid area from car to truckstop, he would be wondering, tired and lackadaisical weaving towards his goal of making it to the truck stop. Search parties were immediately set up in the area. Bryce was unfamiliar with the area that he disappeared in and he had never been known to hitchhike before. Although she assumed he was calling from his apartment, phone records later showed that hed called from a location about an hours drive south of Rocklin. The victim was identified as being Lemondra Miles a 35 year old man who had been shot in the torso before being dumped and set on fire in Castaic. Details of Disappearance Laspisa was last seen in Castaic, California on August 30, 2013. Bryce had never been a nasty teenager; he was a typical youngster in college. He got good grades, formed a close friendship with his roommate, Sean Dixon, and began dating fellow student Kim Sly. Before disappearing, Laspisa inexplicably broke up with Sly. There is speculation that Bryce had a past history of drug and alcohol abuse and that he was arrested as a teen for MDMA possession. Age Wiki And Personal Life. Divers searched Castaic Lake for days and never found any trace of Bryce or his remains. Just my opinion. He had driven to Kims place in Chico, California, approximately 90 miles from his own apartment. But the trajectory of red-headed Bryce's life would soon take a harsh and extreme . Im going to sleep in my car. Karen thought that Bryce had been awake for almost 48 hours by this time and so she did not argue with his decision to get some sleep. Bryce also gave away some of his belongings to friends including his xbox and a pair of diamond earrings that his mother had given him. There is a tip line at 949-292-4400. In Bryces memory, the Laspisa family have asked that people perform random acts of kindness in his name. He was 19 years old and was last seen wearing white cargo pants, a blue and white checker shirt, and size 12 red and white Nike shoes. After this conversation, the phone was returned to Kim and Karen told her to give Bryce his keys back, but only if he promised to call her in the morning. He told them they were welcome to search his car, and they didnt find anything: no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons. believe he is voluntarily missing As his mom, hes my only child (and) I know Why do you think that? As the charge records showed that he was in Buttonwillow, his parents assumed that Bryce was on his way to see them. FB person posted that her son suddenly showed unusual behavior, thinking it was mental, emotional, she had son go through psych sessions but nothing helped. and white Nikes. Strep is aggressive so think whoever gave him the pill had strep. She suggested Bryce fill up his gas tank and said they would expect to see him at home around 3:00 pm. Bryces dental records, DNA and fingerprints have been entered into NAMUS and other databases, and no match with an unidentified male has ever been made. At this time, Bryce was living in an apartment close to his northern California college campus . 6,843. Bryce was drinking every day at this point, and when asked about it, he would simply say that nothing was wrong. The first week Concerned about her sons wellbeing, Karen offered to visit Bryce the next day, but he told her not to come and reassured her he was fine. I had heard a bit about his family in another podcast but was never sure how much that was based on fact. While at first it was believed to be Bryce, forensic testing proved it to be an LA man who had been the victim of a homicide. Since Bryce was only about three hours away from Laguna Niguel, Karen decided that the questioning could wait. My take away from having met them is the immense love and dedication they have for their son/nephew and each other. The case has also been featured on ID's Disappeared and numerous true crime podcasts. Laspisa confessed to Kim that hed taken the drug to stay up playing video games, and although she was alarmed, he seemed dismissive. Bryce Laspisa, the son of Michael and Karen Laspisa, was born in Springfield, Illinois, on 30th April 1994, as he was only 19 during his unfortunate disappearance. They caught his scent and followed it to a dam on the lake, trailed it across the dam and down south, toward the west side of the lake. He was still inexperienced but had already made an impressive portfolio of work. Christian, the employee who answered the call, told Karen that Bryce had gone as far as the Buttonwillow Rest Area before running out of gas, and he had given three gallons of gas to him around 9:30 am. Sleep deprivation aggravates disorientation. Divers dredged Castaic Lake and found no trace of him. He mentioned that he had important information he wanted to tell them, but he clearly showed through his actions that he was reluctant to get home. He did give in and eventually called them. "We get the word of a possible sighting and you . According to the patrol officer, the back window had been broken from the inside, and given Bryce wasnt with the wreckage, it appeared most likely that hed been inside at the time of the crash and broken his way out. The remains were found Saturday near the intersection of Sand Canyon Road and Thompson Ranch Drive, according to LASD. Regarding his red hair, muscular build, easily identifiable features, and the broad public search work, it would be surprising that nobody had seen him. Wiki, Facts, and Age of Joan Templeman (Richard, Jennifer Aniston Age, Net Worth, Husband, Kids, Family, Jamie Bell Actor, Height, Age, Movies, Net Worth, Facts,. She kept on trying to contact her son for the next several hours, until she and Mike decided to file a missing persons report with the Orange County Sheriffs Department at around 6:00pm.
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